1.Do we operate on Holidays?
We operate 365 days a year.
2.What is your Service area?
We service approximately a three hundred mile radius around the Miami International Airport. (See our RATES page for more information)
3.Are you a DOOR-TO-DOOR service?
Yes, in most areas.
4.What are your hours of operation?
We pick up at any time. 24/7
5.What is Shared Shuttle?
We are primarily a "share-ride" service. This means that you may be in the shuttle with other passengers, on your way to the final destination, and there may be some stops along the way. We also provide a high quality private shuttle services, at a reasonable price.
6.Do I need to make a reservation?
In order to receive our service of transportation you must have a reservation. Please make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance. Reservations are required to guarantee your seat. If you do not have a reservation, transportation will be provided based on availability.
7.What PAYMENT METHODS are available?
Advance payment by credit card is required for all areas and services
8.Do you have any DISCOUNT RATES?
Certain discounts are available for corporations, groups, or conventions. Please contact our sales representative directly.